Personification of her love and beauty by the artists, poets, movie makers, musicians etc. Heer is the most adored lady of sub-continent. She talked about the love in dark ages and stood against a conservative society hundreds of years back. These societies still don’t accept love by female openly and girls/women even today are being tortured to death just on doubt of intimacy/love by her close relatives. Heer is an icon of love and almost all the show business of Indopak is built on the Heer’s story. Every film/drama in Indopak is haunted by Heer’s story. Our poetry, literature, music is incomplete without Heer Ranjha. Multibillion Dollar industries of Arts, culture, literature, cinema, TV, radio is dependent upon Heer’s story and minting money on her name.

She was made an example by her close relatives and family so that no girl in succeeding generations ever dares to love anyone. Heer was killed due to her love and ever since there are two thoughts prevailed for Heer. One section considered her as rebellion of society and cultural norms is of the opinion that she was a negative character. Other section considered her as an icon of love and beauty, fortunately this section is in majority. Looking at Heer’s tomb it seems that first section despite being in minority still wanted to degrade/insult Heer. 

Few days back I have been to Jhang and visited Heer’s tomb which is in a pathetic condition and it was a great disappointment and disrespect to such a huge icon without whom Indopak culture is incomplete. She deserves respect after death, it should be considered as liability by the media tycoons, entertainment/showbiz industry to build a decent mausoleum for this lady whose name/story if just copy right today, media, showbiz, publishers have to pay billions. She still today is the biggest icon and most glamorous lady of subcontinent and deserves a more respect from our society and cultural/heritage institutions.

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